Masters Candidate

Department of renewable resources

university of alberta

Project: Controls on lake chemistry in low relief glaciated regions (setting reference conditions)

I am currently doing a thesis-based MSc, supervised by Dr. Kevin Devito and Dr. David Olefeldt. Using pond data gathered across the years (1998-2003), my goal is to assess the general variability of pond chemistry across the Western Boreal Forest (WBF) and identify the main landscape drivers of this variability. These include climate, bedrock and surficial geology, and landscape position. The end result of this being the set-up of reference conditions for further research. 

My past research include a BSc in Biological Sciences at Hasselt University (Belgium) and an MSc specialization in Conservation and Restoration, which included a published thesis on global drivers of invasive bird species (Mertens, A., 2015, Natuur.oriolus 2015-4). 

SAB 531