Post Doctoral Fellow

university of alberta

I am a second year postdoc in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences working with Drs Carl Mendoza and Kevin Devito. My research focuses on improving reclamation techniques following oil sands mining. Broadly, my research examines the hydrogeological and ecohydrological processes that control ecosystem-scale water availability. My current work combines fieldwork and hydrological modelling (i.e. Hydrus) to examine the exchange of water between wetlands and adjacent mineral uplands (forestlands) on reclaimed sites (i.e. Sandhill Fen) to better understand the potential for water and solute stress. I am also comparing the trajectory of reclaimed sites to natural sites, which allows for an evaluation of ecosystem success and furthers the development of reclamation techniques by understanding ecosystem processes in natural analogues. 

Other research interests include: wildfire, peatlands, and groundwater modelling
Outside of research and work, I enjoy hiking, traveling, soccer, and being involved in the local community.