pamela twerdy

Masters Candidate 

university of alberta

Pamela Twerdy is currently enrolled in the Master of Science program in Hydrogeology at the University of Alberta. She is supervised by Dr. Carl Mendoza and Dr. Dan Alessi.  Her thesis topic focuses on understanding the hydrogeology and hydrology of forestland - wetland systems to be designed and established as reclaimed landscapes on reconstructed tailings deposits in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region of Alberta. The end-purpose for this work is to refine the methods used to reclaim disturbed landscapes back to their equivalent land capability, or equivalent boreal forest environments, by better predicting groundwater movement within man-made watersheds. 
Pamela graduated from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Science in geology (‘16), and worked with the Hydrogeology group at University of Alberta as a summer student before enrolling in her masters.
Prior to her geology degree, Pam completed a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Alberta (’13), where she participated in an undergraduate research project studying predator-prey dynamics between bivalve and gastropod species in the fossil record, among other related work.